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I wanted to preface this announcement with something happy, since the ending will be rather bittersweet. I appreciate all that you have contributed to the site! we have loved seeing your characters grow and develop, even during the short time you've had with us. it has been an absolute honor to staff this site full of caring and creative people. unfortunately, the time has come that reru is set to take an indefinite break from the rp world. as it stands, the site is now closed and will not re-open for the foreseeable future. it is with a sad heart that I announce this because I know how many of you we're excited to see reru grow and blossom. unfortunately these things do happen, sometimes unprecedented, and it's attributed to many factors in itself — but it is ultimately no one's fault. if anyone has any questions, please reach out to us! I will still be available via dm on discord (bradyn#1115), and I'm sure both amphi (Amphi#2535) and I would love to keep in contact with all of you. thank you for all that you put into your time here — truly — and my door will always be open to you all.
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