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1/10/21: Our second event has gone live! A group of loners are harassing wolves in the Canyon. What could they want, and what will happen to those who dare to investigate?

1/1/21: Happy New Year! R+R's first activity check can be found here! Please post to make sure that your characters remain active!

12/6/20: R+R's first event has been posted! A rumbling storm has appeared at the Seaside Cliffs. What might it mean, and what could be left behind after the clouds clear?

11/27/20: Welcome to Relic + Ruin's opening! Please take time to check out our Discord and the Handbook, and feel free to direct any questions to anyone marked as Admin!
Year 1

Overcast with Fog and Mist.
Rain showers common.
Prey is abundant.
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Seaside Cliffs
Bordering a narrow beachfront, this jagged cliffside looms over the crashing waves and golden sands below. A rocky ledge stretches out across the tumultuous waters, tempting those who dare to catch a glimpse of the horizon - but the true bounty is found in the rich variety of sea life lurking just offshore.
blessed be the curious Yesterday, 12:54 AM by Thirteen
Dry scrubland sprawls across hard packed earth for miles uninterrupted. Though the land itself appears somewhat desiccated, the groundcover is close and tight, bushes and shrubs giving way only to grass and tree.
truly a classic Yesterday, 02:43 AM by Buckeye
The Hinterlands
Frigid and frozen, at first glance the barren tundra seems to offer very little variation. It is largely flat and featureless, with only the occasional cluster of determined trees breaking the level horizon. Ice, snow, and mud predominate the substrate, giving way to glaciers and flowing streams the further north one travels.
stay and decay Today, 03:16 AM by Amaranth
Sacred Mountain
Rising high above the surrounding landscape, the Sacred Mountain climbs sharply into the sky. Rocky foothills give way to icy paths and sudden drops, riddled with the remnants of ruins from ages past. The journey to the peak is treacherous, and should only be attempted by the truly brave at heart.
Arcane Forest
Verdant and green, the southern forest boasts plant life and prey of all varieties. Evergreen and deciduous trees share space with perennial flowers and seasonal brush; the scent of loam and the sound of birdsong pervades the area, while sunshine filters gently down from the top canopy, tinting the ground below in patches of green and yellow.
gimme what i want 01-23-2021, 05:16 AM by Amaranth
The Fens
Wet and marsh-like, the Fens are dotted with a myriad of pools, puddles, and streams. Moose and other ungulates congregate to lap at the salt licks that form at the banks of each earthbound pool. The various dips and valleys in the natural landscape make for relatively difficult walking paths, though the groundcover itself is pleasantly mossy.
We're All Mad Here Yesterday, 02:00 AM by Harper
Desiccated trees stretch skeletal fingers into the empty heavens. The bleached white hardwoods from which the Parchwood derives its name are variously mixed with more traditional varieties of birch and maple. Earthen hollows and disintegrated ruins dot the airy forest, relics of a bygone era that lay dormant beneath the moss and stone.
Black Flats
Obsidian slabs of stone and cooled lava burn with half-remembered heat. Smoke and ash fill the sky, permeating the air with a clinging mist. Interspersed dangerously between the molten substrate are rivulets of still-burning magma, nearly fatal to any wolf who carelessly steps too close.
wasteland 01-20-2021, 12:19 AM by Beebalm
Crimson Canyon
Red rock formations twist and dip together, carving out clean valleys and rises in the dusty earth. Sandstone and crimson rock create a veritable maze amidst an otherwise sandy environment. Sheer cliff sides and deep cave entrances abound, establishing the canyon as one of the most difficult places to navigate in Ruhe.
Howls in the Dark Yesterday, 04:58 AM by Stark
Penitent Peaks
Cold, cruel mountains shear across the hungry skyline, jagged peaks cutting into the clouds above. Snow and ice pervade the sheer inclines, topping each penultimate cap. Winter hits the peaks particularly hard, and even in the summer, the temperatures can reach well below freezing.
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